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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Are your Symptoms Connected to Money Blocks?


Did you know that all your symptoms have something in common?


They’re trying to give you highly important information. Most likely that information is a way to get back on the right track to better health, wealth and happiness.


It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a cold, sore back, toxic relationships that are suffocating you, or even financial mishaps (think money blocks). The emotions and early memories associated with them will guide you to finding more balance, joy, and relief if you choose to listen.


So what are your symptoms trying to tell you?


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Once you realize how much your body, mind, and spirit are trying to communicate with and help you find your inner peace and balance, you will start to listen and even be excited when those signals come in.


You see, everything is connected so when you work on one thing other things in your life start to shift as well.


Take for instance your health…


You are looking at a symptom like a nagging neck pain that’s been around for 3 years. When you start asking questions about the symptoms you may be surprised at the answers.

Think of things the body might take literally, for example, there’s a saying, “This is such a pain in the neck.” And ask “Who or what is a pain in my neck?”


As you look at relationships around you that might be toxic or upsetting then you can make decisions on what to do next. Are you ready to make some changes by letting toxic relationships go? Or maybe you need to set healthy boundaries.


Make some changes and see how your body responds. You may find that things shift really quick.


Remember that this isn’t just about physical symptoms. It can be anything from finances, money blocks, relationships etc.


Everything can benefit when you start listening and doing something to create change. You can’t work on one thing without working on everything.



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