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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Is there a rewind button around here somewhere?

I’m sure over the years you’ve said or done things, that you wish you could just rewind or reset in your life.

I know I’ve had many many times when I wish I could. Better yet show me a delete key!

You blurt out something, speaking before you think, sometimes hurting yourself or others. In most cases, it can be something minor and you and the recipient move on with no lasting harm.

But sometimes this can cause some serious damage to the people in your life.

The Healing Codes

There are so many ways that your words can hurt others and many times it wasn’t even your intention.

Then there are times when you are feeling a little snarky and you DO mean to cut with your words. You can apologize but you can’t take those words back and they can leave the other person feeling hurt and/or angry.

Recently I had someone say something to me that left me confused and hurt.

The words came with a compliment and then a sort of jab. My husband called it a backhanded compliment.

All I know is it left me feeling empty and my heart sad. Why would someone I have never really had much contact with purposely hurt me in any way.

I hadn’t done anything to deserve it and it made me feel… well, plain sick.

Take the opportunity.

I took this as an opportunity to address my own reactions to these feelings and apply my Healing Codes to them.  Obviously, this had hit a nerve in me that resonated with something else in my life.

As I did my custom healing code on myself over these emotions, I had many things surface.

Memories of times in my life, when I had said similar things to others. I felt a deep sadness while this awareness came into my mind, as I allowed these memories to heal.

reprogram your inner hard drive

When I was done with my session, I realized that a lot of these types of circumstances would fall under the harmful actions category.

This category addresses things we do out of habit.  Things we may not be aware of or are in our subconscious.

Regardless working on your inner programming and finding out why you are operating in this way, will help you in many ways.

By changing your patterns and working to replace your negative habits, you will have better overall feelings about yourself and others.

Take a Pause

Before you say something that you have any questions about in your mind, pause before speaking. If you still can’t think of the right words, take a step back and remain quiet. If it’s an ongoing discussion, then excuse yourself saying,“I need time to think about that before I answer.”

Now for those times when you may be a bit snarky, I would invite you to address yourself in an internal dialog.

Take a Step Back

Ask yourself, “What are my intentions with these words or actions?” If you can’t come up with something kind or helpful in some way,  then take a step back.

Learn to take that ‘Pause’ as a moment for resetting yourself. If you don’t have good intentions, then it’s time to work on yourself and find what it is that is driving you to be outwardly hurtful.

We can all be guilty of this and believe me, the memories and shame that came forward with them, while I did my coding, was enough to have me address it today to you all.

Intentions are Powerful

Whatever was the cause for spurring you forward doesn’t really matter. What you choose to do from here on does.

I would love to see everyone take that ‘Pause’ take a step back and ask yourself, What is my intention?” Then move forward with a better intention if need be or stay quiet.

I believe most everyone has a good heart at their core. It’s your old inner programming that tends to take over at times sabotaging that good person you really are.

By working on this new system of taking that ‘Pause” and developing new healthier habits of communication, you win in every area of your life.

Think about the people in your life closest to you.

Those relationships can flourish and heal, by just being present and conscious with the words you say.



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