Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Just those words make me feel so much gratitude. I can feel my energy lift and hope and love fill every cell with my body.

Just think of those words for a moment…Thanks…giving…

To give Thanks for all the good in our lives. To be Thankful for all the wonderful people surrounding us. For family and friends that support us through every moment, good or bad in our lives.

Giving is Receiving 

The words Giving and Gifting are one in the same in my eyes.  There is no way you can practice these words and not bless yourself and all those around during the action.

Think of how you FEEL when you GIVE to someone you love… Whether it’s that gift alone, the gift of LOVE, the ULTIMATE gift or something more tangible.

The act of giving when given with love fills your heart with more of what you just gave… more LOVE.

Think of the POWER that act has?

Think of the unlimited fuel this can supply you with.

Love is the best resource we have for healing anything in our lives.

It heals broken hearts, bodies, relationships and spirits.

Giving magnifies the best healing resources we have, which is the best multipurpose tool that can be used in every avenue of our lives.

Every word of encouragement is a gift. Every hug, kiss, smile, helping someone reach for something that is too high, even opening a door offers a small gift of love in its own way.

Giving is Healing

Every time you do any kind of these acts, you are increasing that love reservoir in yourself and enabling your body to go into a self-healing state!

You just gave yourself the best gift AND at the same time you’ve given a boost to someone you may not even know!

I think you get the picture of what real giving can do.

Its reach is unlimited on how far and wide this gift can go.

So as we are giving thanks, this beautiful holiday, let’s walk toward Christmas with gratitude and an open heart filled with the kindness and generosity we were all born with.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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