Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I love autumn.


It’s so beautiful here right now. The fall leaves are changing, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We have a lot of aspen trees with the most beautiful golden leaves that sparkle when the wind blows.


I made a video to help you get geared up for this fall, and I talk about your thoughts and how it affects your health. Especially, when going into this flu season, we have more bugs making their way around… It can bring up a lot of fear.


People can get paranoid…


They basically think that they’re going to catch any bug they come in contact with.


Media creates a lot of fear as well. Everywhere you go there’s commercials and signs at the grocery store about flu shots and superbugs. It can be scary.

Remember your thoughts are very powerful. If you allow those thoughts to either act like you’re going to catch everything that comes around, or you see yourself having similar thoughts year after year, then it may be time to take closer look. That way of thinking doesn’t help you.


Your thoughts are powerful.


Negative thoughts cause stress, which can lower your immune system.
I started thinking about all that fear. We run around, and we get all these preventative medicine or herbs. When we hear about a new preventative concoction and that’s great, you want to do preventative measures. I really believe in that 100%. I believe in these gifts of doctors, naturopaths, herbs, homeopathy, energy medicine, etc. We have access to so much wonderful support out there.


They’re all here to support us, so why not, right?


The thing that bothers me is that we forget that our natural state is an abundant healthy state.


It becomes difficult when we’re in that fear mindset… that lack mindset.


The best way to approach it is from the positive.


Here are some new thought patterns for example:


  • I’m working on remaining healthy.
  • I am keeping my health.
  • I am doing things that are good for me, like drinking lots of water.
  • I am getting enough sleep.
  • I am giving myself the support it needs to stay healthy.



That positive mindset is what we need to be supported from within ourselves. One of the things that I try to remind myself of often, is that our bodies are made to self heal…


Say it out loud.


My body is made to self-heal.


Think about it. It’s true.


You’re not saying anything that isn’t true. When you get a cut, you don’t sit there and focus on the cut trying to force it to heal and thinking, “are you going to heal? Please heal.”


You just know it is going to heal. You trust that your body will take care of it.


I believe that our thoughts are so powerful, that if we constantly think that we’re going to catch the cold from the person standing next to us, it actually increases the odds that we will catch it.


I want to remind you to be mindful of your thinking and the thought patterns that you have. Try to replace them with wonderful thoughts, again like my body is made to self heal.


My natural state is a healthy state.


That is so important. If you can start saying that often enough, you may notice that you stay healthier more often.


It’s natural to have bugs and viruses around us all the time. It’s part of being human. We’re always going to be around those things, but you know what?

Your body was made so powerful and able to handle those things. Have faith and trust in your body’s abilities is powerful.


I used to catch everything that went around. I believed that was just the way it was supposed to be. When I changed my mindset, I realized that I became sick less often. I didn’t catch bugs as easily and even if I started to come down with a small sniffle, I got over it much quicker. Knowing how powerful our thoughts and words are, I constantly check within myself and stay vigilant of my thoughts, how I speak the words out loud, and how I communicate to others. We create this life and we have the power to heal.


If you find yourself unable to break the negative thought cycle, try using The Healing Codes. I’m a certified Healing Codes Practitioner & Coach and it’s one of my favorite tools. If you’d like a free tutorial and mp3 CLICK HERE to try it out.



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