Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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You’ve worked so hard using affirmations, meditations, mindfulness techniques. You’ve thrown every ounce of intention you could muster, to create your amazing dream or goal and yet you still haven’t received it.

Maybe you’ve received part of it or it’s so slow that you’re getting discouraged and are ready to give up.

Does that sound like you?

The Law of Attraction is a funny thing.

It always works… always.

But when you think of how that law works, you have to take into consideration it works by bringing into your life, anything that you’re putting your attention on.

Okay, you say? I got it. I’ll just say my affirmations and do my vision boards and meditate my way into getting what I want.

There’s only one thing standing in your way. It’s your Subconscious.

It controls up to a whopping 95% of your thoughts. Yes, 95% and it’s playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It plays while you’re sleeping, while you’re playing, when you’re making your grocery list or exercising. It plays almost all the time. That other 5% of the time barely has a chance to get things rolling in the direction you’re so desperately wanting to go.

So what do you do?

You know that thinking positive thoughts creates positive feelings.

 Positive feelings will reduce stress, helping you to appreciate the world around you and is even known to help you heal.

The Bottom line is.

To get the results you want, you’ve got to have a handle on this positive thinking/feeling thing.

Why faking it till you make it doesn’t work.

Your Subconscious knows when you’re living in truth. It knows everything about you. So if you’re trying to tell it something that isn’t true, it creates a huge amount of stress within yourself.

Stress =negative emotions = negative outcome.

For instance, if you’re a 200 pound woman and your affirmation is “I’m 120 lbs.” You’re telling yourself a lie. That lie in itself is creating the stress that will pull you back further than when you started saying the affirmation in the first place.

Is it becoming more clear now?

Other examples would be, “I have a million dollars in my account,” or I have men (or women) lined up for my attention.”

Trust me, if these aren’t true, your Subconscious knows it at a very deep level. Your Subconscious is that best friend who knows you inside and out (plus she’s psychic and can see into your very soul.)

So what can you do?

You can deprogram and reprogram.

Yep, that’s what I said. Just like a computer hard drive you can go in and take out the old programming that no longer serves you and then, when there’s room, you’re able to download the new information to get your life zooming along in the direction you want.

The cool thing about this is, many clients just go through the deprogram phase and once there’s room on their internal hard drive, all the work they’ve invested into affirmations and new beliefs, automatically downloads.

It’s like the program has been sitting there on their inner virtual desktop, all along, just waiting to download all the affirmations and information they’ve been working on for so long.

And once they made some space. BAM. It’s in!

Everything is uploaded, clear and ready to rock and roll.

How about generational beliefs?

Oh and I forgot to mention there are more and more studies that are showing we even inherit old programing and beliefs from our ancestors!

Talk about 100’s maybe even 1000’s of years of old programing that you didn’t even sign up for. It’s hard enough to tackle beliefs you’ve created in your own life, let alone generations from some old relatives you didn’t even know!

So how do you get into your Subconscious to make some room?

There are some pretty amazing tools available these days. You can access your subconscious and clear what needs to be cleared once and for all.

I’ve had the pleasure of being certified in many techniques that have helped skyrocket my success over the years. Believe me I’ve done some deep digging.

The tools I love best are The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code and EFT.

I’ve put together my own formula using these techniques and more, so that you could find, open and clear the old beliefs (even inherited ones). Then you’re able to install the new beliefs in around 10 minutes, give or take.

Yes 10 minutes or less can get the job done.

I noticed that it was so much easier to attract the things I wanted in my life once I was clear of all that old stuff.

It was easy to place my intention on what I wanted, upload the new belief based on truth and watch it quickly manifest.

You really don’t want to keep lugging around all that old baggage anyway, right?

Old information that may have once kept you safe can make you feel like you’re dragging around an old ball and chain.

It’s time for a complete system upgrade.

You’re ready to upgrade yourself and make room for an even better operating system.

It’s time to deprogram and reprogram, so you can create the life you’re ready to live and love.

You’ve got this!

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