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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I am very excited to have my very first guest-blogger this week!

I want to introduce you to my colleague and dear friend Lynn Louise Wonders. Lynn specializes in providing personalized coaching, online programs and lots of products at her website. Everything she offers supports a holistic and loving lifestyle specifically for women over 40. Her message, however, is valuable to all people of all ages. Her work goes hand-in-hand with my work as an energy practitioner. In fact, we collaborate and share resources. I hope you will enjoy this week’s blog post!

The Success Codes

As a life-redesign coach, all of my clients hear me preach about the importance of having a foundation of love, respect, and honor for yourself first and foremost.

I am talking about loving ALL of yourself. 

Mind, body, and spirit. It’s a path you can choose that will change the way your life unfolds.

This is not about narcissistic self-absorbed self-love. This is sincere respect and genuine loving for the complete and total person that you are.

You might think loathing is a strong word but whether you realize it or not, there are times when you loathe yourself. But how many times have you walked past a store window on the street and cringed when you see your reflection.

Think of the times you examined the blemishes on your face, or criticize yourself for not getting enough work done…. Can you remember feeling that punishing self-hatred?

It is key to make the shift from self-loathing to self-loving if you want to feel freer and lighter in your life every day.

You can experience greater freedom by releasing heavy thoughts and beliefs that are weighing you down by adopting a practice of self-love.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time in this life. Create a self-loving practice.

Here are seven ways to Self-love. Loving yourself body, mind, and spirit:

1.  Accept that you are MORE than good enough just the way you are here and now.

As you prepare to bathe for the day, pause and take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror. Make a choice to accept all of you, especially your flaws, seeing that you are where you are because of all you’ve been through.

More joy and freedom begins with acceptance of your body and your life as it is in this present moment.

You are who you are today because you’ve been through difficulties.

Know that in this moment you are more than good enough just as you are.

This contributes to an inner-culture of self-acceptance that then can lead to positive change.

2. Set healthy boundaries.

Know that it is not okay for someone to put you down or be disrespectful to you. When you practice love and respect for yourself, you make a conscious choice to not put up with abuse from others.

People who truly love and honor themselves expect respect from others and they set healthy boundaries in order to ensure it.   If these boundaries are crossed they stand up.  And if boundaries are crossed, again and again, people who love themselves know how to walk away from that situation or person.

3. Own your errors without punishing yourself.

When problems arise, it’s important to examine the situation looking for your part and take responsibility for your part. It’s self-loving to own your part…but, not in a way you are punishing yourself..  When you truly love yourself, you are able to swiftly notice where you have gone astray, ‘fess up, offer a sincere apology and then let it go – knowing you’ve done all you can do.

4.  Believe you can go beyond your challenges.

When you practice self-love, you know that big challenges are a gift – to help you learn and grow.   Find humor in your mistakes and look at difficulties life throws at you as opportunities.  The discomfort you feel when difficult situations arise provide rich soil for new growth. Believe that you do have what you need inside of you to learn and go beyond the tricky challenges you are facing.

5. Embrace LIFE as your graduate school program.

All of your experiences are like seminars in an advanced graduate school program. It’s like you’re working toward a Masters degree in Life! When you love and respect yourself you welcome everything about yourself because you know it’s all rich opportunity to learn. Instead of bemoaning what’s going on, try to be curious instead. Explore what you can learn from this situation. In my view, you are a soul here to have a human experience. This is your learning ground. Practicing self-love will lead you to realize you are a student here. From here, you will be gentle with yourself when things in your life go awry.

6. Nurture your inner-longing.

If you practice self-love, then you will know that you have to find and follow your deepest inner-longings. Take time several times every day to listen for that small, still voice of your heart. You might begin by going back to when you were a kid and remembering what it was that you most wanted to be and do when you grew up.

When you love yourself, you will know that the inner-longings are vital to living a joyful and full life. Pay attention to them. Nurture them.

7.  Be fully present here and now.

As a spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle tells us, there is ONLY this present moment.

When you love and honor yourself, you feel a sense of peace in accepting where you are rather than looking backward or yearning for more.

Take a look at the patterns in your life that are working for you and also those that are holding you back from having the life you love.  Consider how loving yourself can shift those patterns and help you live a fuller, more joyful life.

I would like to invite you to spring into action with your self-love practice by signing up for my free 7 day cleanse for body, mind and spirit! Click here, sign up and look for it in your inbox!

Lynn Louise Wonders is a wellness and life-redesign coach for women over 40 and a licensed professional counselor. She helps women reclaim their lives with rich and detailed plans that attend to the needs of body, mind, and spirit. Lynn provides education and services in aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, personal counseling, relaxation therapies and holistic wellness and weight release. She offers a wide array of holistic services, programs and products through her online marketplace www.wonderswellness.com and lives in-person at her brick-n-mortar location Wonders Wellness Center located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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