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for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Last week we talked about the Root Chakra and how it can get in the way of you pricing your programs, services, asking for a raise and basically bringing more money into your life. You can read that article HERE. 


This week we’re going to dive deeper into other ways the Root Chakra can sabotage you. Yes, there are many more! So, listen in on The Energy of Business latest episode HERE and learn to balance this important Chakra so that potential clients run to work with you!


When your Root is out of whack, one of the things that you may be feeling is constantly insecure. If you’re feeling like:

  • I don’t know if I can do this.
  • I don’t know if I can actually create this program.
  • I don’t know if I can really give them the help they need.
  • I don’t know if I should be charging for this service.
  • Maybe it should be cheaper.


There are all sorts of insecurities that come into play there. So really pay attention to that insecure feeling. Often what we do is tie it to our programs and services only but remember things are always connected.


When you are feeling insecure in your business, it’s not just about your business, okay? It’s about your life. If you feel insecure in life in general, if you feel insecure about relationships like you’re meeting somebody for the first time and you really feel insecure about your looks even, that could have a direct correlation to why your business isn’t working as well.


Because when you work on one thing, you work on everything. So, once you balance that out, you noticed that a lot of different areas of insecurity start to really balance out and kind of flow with ease. When you look at this from a holistic standpoint, your price points, what you charge, and even in your sales calls, things start to make more sense.


Notice when you feel unsettled or insecure.


For example, say you’re having a sales call and you’re starting to feel insecure about talking about the price at the end of the call, that is a sure sign that your Root Chakra has gone wonkers and maybe it’s been in wonkers for a long time and you’ve just now noticed it. Pay attention when for instance you get on a sales call and notice that it makes you feel insecure and you feel unsettled and you don’t want to do the sales call because it just makes you feel ewwy, that is a sign that you are really struggling there.


So, look at those as gold nuggets of information. Just look at it as like, “Hmm, this is interesting. I’m feeling really weird about getting on this call with this person.” Then ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?”  You’ll probably start noticing different areas of your life where you felt those similar feelings that aren’t even related to getting on a sales call.


It could be a try out for volleyball. It could be a school play. It could be just meeting with your teacher because she wanted to talk to you, and it freaked you out because you feared you might be in trouble but in reality, she wanted to tell you how great you were doing… But immediately you thought it was something bad and you had done something wrong. Those are signs that you have early memories that are related to your insecurities around this.


The other thing is, so you have your business, you’re running it and you’re going, you’ve created a TON of content but…


You have some programs, you have one-to one-services, but you keep making new content. You keep coming up with more programs or services. You keep looking for more things to get educated in.


Well, that’s another sign that your Root Chakra is out of whack!  Because you already have enough right now. You don’t need to keep making new programs. When you do that, it’s a form of self-sabotage.


You’re finding ways to not put yourself out there and be visible and be seen and give yourself that credit that you need to keep going because if you’re constantly making new content, you’re burying yourself deeper into insecurities.


If you have a product or a service or even something that you know you can do, remember that you don’t even have to create a program… You can just reach out to people and say, “Hey, I would love to work with you on this. If you’re struggling with this X, Y, Z, let’s see if we’re a good fit and let’s have a chat about this.”


Create a Beta!


After you have your first people and are working with them one to one, you can create a program or service based on what you teach them, I call it the beta run and it’s a great way to see what they really need and want you to help them with.


It could be they want ongoing monthly support so you could create membership subscription and as you are coaching them 1-1 you may create more PDFs, mp3s and videos to help them along the way. So, you already have more than enough right now.


Don’t be looking to make new content or new products or new services because that is a form of self-sabotage. You are feeling like you need more to keep you from moving forward right now and being seen.


I sabotaged myself in this way BIG TIME!


I constantly had new programs, products, and ideas and as a side note for that, as an entrepreneur, you’re always going have that creative flow going. It’s just a matter of writing it down and keeping it somewhere so that when you’re ready to actually make it into a program or service you can check back on it then.

But if you are constantly in that mode of creation and you’re not putting yourself out there, that’s when you need to take a look at it and see what is holding you back.


This will cause you burnout!


As an entrepreneur and being spiritual, you’re going to constantly be hit with downloads, you’re going to be getting new ideas because that’s who you are. But you must be earning money at the same time.


If you’re constantly finding ways to stop yourself from putting your offerings out there now, to earn money and are staying in survival mode you WILL eventually burn out.


Plus, Surviving is no fun. You want to more than just survive week to week. You want to be abundant in all levels of your life, business, relationships, health, all of it. right? So, make sure you’re paying attention to what you are putting your time into.


If you are constantly creating content and looking for excuses for moving forward to make money today, whether it’s taking to much time pricing your programs or you need to spend time getting a membership site set up or whatever, the excuses are, you will hit burnout eventually. You must see some money coming in on a day to day basis to feel less stress.


Social media presence is part of it but not the whole enchilada.


If you’re always out there building a foundation like social media presence, doing live streams, reaching out to others, sharing other pages as a form of networking and are always focusing on the likes instead of what you are offering to the world, then that is another form of self-sabotage, so look for all those sneaky things.


Because when you’re constantly putting yourself out there to just to build a foundation, but you’re not really building the house on the foundation, somewhere where you can live at eventually, then again, it’s almost guaranteed that you will hit burnout.


You’ll be in stress mode, your body will shut down, and I’ve been there many times, so I know how that feels. There’s got to be a point where you can take that leap of faith and make money doing what you love.


Make money today using this killer offer.


A great way to get started making money fast is when you’re running something for the first time offer it with a beta pricing. Tell them, “This is the first time I’ve run this program and there’s going to be a lot of great value but It’s really low-priced right now. It’s only going to be at this price for another 48 hours, then it’s going to be going up in price. So, if you want to get in on the deal, do it now.”


And that really gets people interested and excited, plus you’re excited too because you know that as you’re doing this, you’re working out all the bugs. You’re maybe giving them more value than you ever intended, but it’s okay because you know that you’re really laying that foundation for this program and showing you what those people want.


The idea of a seed launch is that you haven’t created the program already… that’s why they call it a seed launch. When you go into it, you haven’t created it yet. You’re seeing what your people want and then you’re creating the program as you go, nurturing it and your people along the way. It creates a much richer program than making it all up ahead of time. And then people get in there and they go, “Oh, this is not really what I need. This isn’t what I want.”


A seed launch really does connect to your ideal clients and helps you to create the programs that or services that they go crazy over. Where do they need help? What do they need to learn more of? Where could they handle more balance in their lives or their business or their relationship? Whatever you’re trying to teach them. You give it to them as you get to know them better. Sounds easy right?


Now if you are still feeling like you can’t get moving then again, it’s time for you to look at your Root Chakra and any blocks in that area keeping you stuck.


Here’s the video of one of my most powerful ways to clear and balance out my Chakras is using an easy and quick energy technique called the Quantum Key Method.


QKM: Introduction from Melissa on Vimeo.


And You can access it for free HERE.


Just follow along as we focus on any of the doubt and negative beliefs that are keeping you from stepping up in your business.


If you feel like you need some extra help you can always contact me at Melissa@melissazoske.com I’m more than happy to help.



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