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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Let’s talk about the Third eye chakra. 


You’ve probably guessed that this Chakra is all around visualization and seeing yourself as already having reached your goals or dreams.


We have to be able to see it first in our mind in order to create it. When you’re trying to manifest something, you need to picture it with your mind’s eye or visualize the end result of what you want to create. Having a strong intention on what it is that you really want to bring closer to you, and the inspired actions needed to complete this is key.


When you have a Balanced Third Eye Chakra… 


You’re open to spiritual awakening plus you’re opening your body, mind, and spirit to profound growth. And with that, your intuition or a deep knowing around right and wrong, so that you can see more clearly, where you need to go next. 


Another sign of a balanced third eye chakra is being able to go after your goals… you’re not scared. You see it first through visualization in your mind’s eye then you can feel as if it’s already here. 


A Hyperactive Third Eye Chakra… 


It’s kind of like when you live in your own world. You don’t pay attention to the things going on around you. Overthinking is a sure sign when you go through everything over and over again… you just can’t seem to help yourself. 


Inactive Third Eye Chakra… 


Inactive third eye chakra means you basically depend on your authority rather than your instincts. It’s common with this to always go with your logic or ego. Sometimes you just don’t see things from a good healthy perspective. 


The other part of this is having a real hard time visualizing.


So how does the Third Eye Chakra relate to your money and business…


When your money chakra is Inactive around the Third Eye, it might be hard for you to visualize yourself with money. If you can’t see yourself living with the things that you want like a 6-figure business, a really nice home, or great investments, you’ll push it all away. 


Remember, It goes from the unseen to seen. So that visualization is important to bring the physical manifestation of whatever you’re trying to create, whether it’s money, love, your business, your soulmate, or new clients. 


With your money and an active Third Eye Chakra, obviously, it’s being able to see yourself with money. Maybe you already have money and you spend it wisely instead of going out there and spending out of habit.


When you’re consciously investing in things not just throwing money out there but really looking at it, then you’re in the high vibe zone!


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What are the things you can do to balance your Third Eye Chakra?


1. Visualize Your Money Goals.

How would you spend that money? Who would you help? How are you going to put your efforts out there? Maybe you donate time and money to some fundraiser, that has a really strong pull to your heart. 


2. Express Yourself

Work on expressing yourself. How you feel and how you see things. This is about seeing your truth and being able to express it naturally and in a loving way. 


3. Do the Healing Codes Meditation

One of the biggest things that I do is meditate and I love using The Healing Codes. You can download it for free HERE. This is an easy meditation because you’re focusing on your end goals and how they would make you feel once achieved. 


You’re using the hand positions around your head, and focusing on that memory or that picture that you want to create. So much easier than emptying your head of all thoughts, right?


4. Eat purple foods & wear purple clothes. 

Eat purple-colored fruits or vegetables is helpful. That could be a plant or a fruit like purple grapes. 


5. Surround Yourself in Purple

Surround yourself with things like purple flowers or wear some purple clothes.


6. Ground Yourself

And of course just making sure that you’re grounded, as always, going out and planting your bare feet on the grass, taking a few deep breaths and visualizing what you want to create and how it would feel after you have it.


All Chakras are important when it comes to creating a sustainable income and attracting more money. 


I do have a new program that’s coming out soon. It gives you some tools to easily start to understand how these energy centers help you attract more of the money and income that you want in your life. And if you’re feeling like, oh, money is not spiritual then that’s one of the chakras we’re going to be working on!


I want you to be able to align these easily and quickly learn how you could do these simple methods daily to help you feel like you are attracting more of that type of energy into your life.


Remember what you put out, you get back. 


Start visualizing and feeling into what you want to create and place strong intention and focus on the outcome… maybe it’s visualizing yourself doing a job that you love and creating an income that you want and are feeling super grateful for it as if it’s already here.


If you do that, you’re sending that broadcast out to the universe and it will send back to you that like vibration in ways that can be miraculous. 


I want you to level up and start calling in what you deserve which is a sustainable income, balanced relationships that are loving and fulfilling, and enjoying wealth in all areas of your life! 


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