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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Today, let’s talk about the throat chakra, and how this relates to what you attract into your life.


The Throat Chakra is about how you ask for what you want in life.


This could be anything around networking, collaboration, talking to other people, and asking for help. Also, are you asking for what you want? Because if you want something, you have to put it out there. If you’re just thinking you aren’t making money, or money’s not flowing easily but you haven’t really even asked for it, then you are missing a huge key to your abundance flow. 


When your throat chakra is aligned…


With the throat chakra, it’s all about your willingness to express yourself freely, and that includes all your thoughts. When you’re able to say how you feel to others then you know this chakra is totally aligned and it feels good to be able to speak your truth in love and light. You are getting that feel-good vibe that things are really easy and flowing.


When your throat chakra is hyperactive…


This is when you have too much to share. Sharing too much information or you’re rambling on, and people can’t get a word in edgewise is a clue here.. You speak before you think and sometimes hurt people’s feelings. One other sign is you’re often controlling the conversation.


When your throat chakra is inactive…


You shy away from expressing yourself. You don’t want to speak up. You actually avoid groups because you don’t want to have to be in the position of having to talk to people, maybe you’re so introverted that you can’t even find your voice to talk to others. A lot of that comes from feeling fear of judgment or fear that people won’t like who for you are.


Having untapped talent is also a sign of an inactive chakra. You know you have these gifts but you’re not using them and use a lot of excuses for not getting out there. 


How does Inactive Throat Chakra Affect Your Money?


You don’t speak your truth about money like how you feel about it. You don’t want to talk about money because you feel like it’s a bad thing and feel ashamed of talking about money in general.


Watch the full Video by Clicking below.



What are the things you can do to align your Throat Chakra?


1. Sing more often

As you’re strengthening it physically, you’re strengthening it energetically. So keep that in mind. Singing is huge.


2. Be Honest

Honesty is a big deal when it comes to the throat chakra. If you feel like you’re not being honest then it starts to close up. Have good ethics, we want to make sure that we have good moral values and we’re ethical in life and business… all levels.


3. Eat blue-colored foods & wear blue clothes. 

Wearing blue clothes is always a good thing. Eating blueberries or any blue-colored food, because the throat chakra is blue. All those things will help. 


4. Surround Yourself in Blue

Even having flowers or plants around you that have a little blue in them is really nice. Just surround yourself with a little bit of blue.


5. Download the Chakraline app or the Quantum Key Method.

I have a powerful Chakra alignment app, it’s called the Chakraline app. It is a very easy way for you to align each chakra in seconds. If you don’t have an iOS device, you can sign up for my free program, The Quantum Key Method because that helps you align your energy and helps you clear those chakras as well much more. Or get both! 


Remember that the Chakras tie into so many different areas of our lives, not just around money. 


When you think about relationships in general, with your throat chakra being able to connect with someone you love. Being able to say how you feel if your feelings are hurt. Being able to ask for what you want or need out of a relationship, you’re able to speak up, it opens up so many doors for you. 


And I want to see you open many doors and have more opportunities in all areas of your life. 


Share this if you have a friend that you feel has a problem with speaking their truth, speaking up, or saying how they feel because it’s probably most likely the throat chakra is out of alignment. 


Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post which will be about The Third Eye Chakra and how it relates to your intuition, your money, and your business. 


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