Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Was there a point in your life when someone was trying to connect with you and your response was always “I’m busy”?


I know it feels great when you’re accomplishing things and getting so much great stuff done but it’s sad when you become so busy that you forget to enjoy life, you forget to spend time with the important people in your life, and you can’t even catch your breath.


What happens when you become so busy?


When you get into the pattern of go, go, go, and saying yes to everything, you’re setting yourself to a busy default.


When you’re too busy, you’re not in alignment, you’re not balanced in many ways and it takes you off of track. When you get too much going on it actually slows you down because all that stress dumbs you down. Stress really does make your brain go out the window, it’s just dust.


And sometimes it may be hard for you to notice that you’re drowning yourself in stress and busyness, you’re going all the time until several weeks pass by and you feel like you’re getting tired all the time, your energy is not good, and you’re crabby.


But wait, there’s a way that you can regain balance…


Reset yourself back to the beautiful stream of flow.


Watch this video to hear more.



When you can find the balance in getting things done and return back to a beautiful life flow, things are so much better and you’ll have more clarity, you’ll notice that you’re calmer, you’re thinking about new things, your intuition opens up and it’s wonderful.


So it’s time to reset back to your original default. To that place where you can breathe in life and stay calm and focused. So make sure that you look at that and if you’ve found that your new default is a busy default, then all you need to do is pause, spend a few days, reset yourself back to that steady, soulful, and beautiful stream of flow.


If you’re having a hard time finding that balance in your life, I can help you.


I’m a certified Healing Codes practitioner. The Healing Codes are wonderful self-healing tool and it’s one of the deepest most effective ways to reset your life back to a beautiful flow.


I find it helpful to ask yourself, how does this stress from busyness makes me feel? You can look for the earliest time when you felt a similar stress in your life and you can actually work on 2 topics at the same time because usually they’re connected.


Just lay back, do your Healing Code using the techniques I’ll show in this video and you’ll be supported with this free Universal Healing Codes mp3. Do the process and feel that stress just slip away. You’re going to relax, release and the rest of the day will return to a nice easy flow again. Give it a few days of consistent practice to reset and use this often to stay in the flow.


Maintain your balance and don’t compare your speed to others.


Some people strive in a faster stream than you, so please don’t compare yourself to others, because some people can just go, go, go and they thrive in it. But most of us need to have some more balance. One of the tools I love to use for getting back into balance is “The Healing Codes.” In just a few minutes a day you can flip your natural state of balance and abundance back on. You can try it out HERE.


There are so many beautiful things waiting for you.


Remember, it’s up to you to create the balance that you need in your life and it can be whatever you choose it to be.


This can be part of your daily mantra “The more I enjoy life the richer I become.”


I want to hear your thoughts.


Are you or someone you know are drowning in stress because of busyness? If so, how were you able to get back into a good life flow? I would love to hear that in the comments below.


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