I find great benefits in a having a journal.

Having a journal may bring back memories of those teen years and the hormonal dramas that were just screaming to be put down on paper.

I’m not talking about the heart with a key locked type of journal or diary. What I mean is writing your thoughts down each day, thoughts about how you feel about things that are happening around you. Where does your mind go when someone hurts you? Do you blame yourself, them or something else? Are you out of control, frustrated, angry or depressed?

Looking back on these thoughts help you gauge where you are today in your healing journey.

They give you great insight into how your thought patterns have transformed and how much progress you’ve made.

When looking back several weeks or longer, notice which emotions are no longer bothering you. In the same way pay close attention to the ones that still do and make sure you use The Healing Codes to reduce the charge those have.

journaling can be a great tool added to your handy tool chest. Give it try for a while and see how it benefits you.



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