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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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What is Up-leveling and why is it so hard?

Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to get more comfortable.

You may have heard the term Up-leveling at some point or another and be wondering what that is exactly.

Well, up-leveling is when you’re ready to move to that next level in your life. It can be in any area of health, business, spirituality, you name it. So, in essence, you’re moving forward and opening up to that next level of healing, consciousness, financial success, etc.

Now here’s the sticky part…

Often when we’re on the brink of crossing over to that next level we get kicked back down and it can feel like a massive failure.

You see, when you’re so close to reaching a goal in any area of life, there can be a part of you that’s scared to cross over to the other side of that fence. You’ve heard the term the grass isn’t always greener. Well in some cases there might be a fear it could be a whole lot worse over there.

There are parts of you that fear moving up could be the biggest mistake ever and will do anything, I mean anything to make sure you stay safe. Even if right here isn’t great, you’re still here right? You’re surviving…

That’s the job of those parts. To make sure something bad doesn’t happen and protect you.

Most of this is going on subconsciously and is from earlier memories and programming either from previous experiences or something even deeper.

You inherit more than eye and hair color.

We have many generations of experiences that are programmed into our cells.

You might call in instinct or intuition but it’s still there to protect you.

Then you throw in The Law of Attraction and what do you get?

More of the same…

And even if those memories and beliefs are in the subconscious they’re still sending to the universe your truth… That you’re scared.

And the universe sends you back more of the same right? So what do you get back?

More things to be scared of.

Like tech issues, wrecks, illnesses, relationship blow ups… even bad haircuts (seriously!)

It all comes back to, you get what you put out.

So when you’re ready and even excited about moving to the next level of your life, and things randomly get thrown at you, sabotaging your advances, now you know why.

Take some time to identify what it is keeping you stuck and really work on resolving those things.

And most of all keep moving forward.

I use techniques like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap into those energy blocks and it works great! I also love The Healing Codes and Emotions code as those can kick the blocks out quickly. If you’d like to learn more about how to clear your blocks so your Up-leveling can be more smooth, then please check out my free E-book that will guide you on how to use one of these techniques HERE.

I hope this helps and you can reach your next level of success with more ease.


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