Which Type of Angel Are You?


I love Angels, don’t you? I keep thinking I see angels on every corner this time of year and wonder what supernatural magic they are spreading right now. I’ve often felt protected by the wings of these amazing beings and know in my heart that we are looked after at all times. I’ve seen things that couldn’t be explained by anything other than divine intervention.


Have you ever wondered which Angel you are most like? Well, here’s a fun quiz to see. Take it and let us know which powerful being you are. You know you have it in you.




This time of year we see so many angels come out of the hidden places through everyday people but also through unexplained acts and miracles. I like to believe we all have the ability to embody that supernatural being and unleash the power to spread love into this world.

Let’s make a conscious effort to spread our wings this holiday season, heck into the new year, and see whose life we can lift up with a little kindness, a generous gift or a helping hand. It often takes so very little but the impact is incredibly HUGE!


I would love to hear about some of the things you’ve done to lift people up. Please share in the comments any beautiful acts or gifts you’ve shared with others in the comments below and maybe it will give others ideas of what to do.


For me, I’ve actually put sticky notes on $1 bills and left them in random places. I’ve also bought flowers and handed them to someone that looked like they needed a lift. What about buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you? Let’s hear more! Sometimes all it takes is a little creative idea sharing to spark the giving.


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