Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Who are you?

A very large part of who you are today comes from who you once were. It doesn’t matter what education you’ve received, how much money you have, where you live or what you have acquired in this current life. You are still that same person on a deep level.

Until you decide to change

Something tugs at you, trying to get your attention. You may not feel like yourself or something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe you feel like you are standing on the outside of everything looking in… Instead of feeling that connection and acceptance you so truly want.

That disconnect most likely comes from a time you don’t even remember. A memory so early and uncomfortable, that you have locked it away. The problem is, that even though you don’t remember it, a part of you does.

Your subconscious.

That part of you that catalogs every memory, every feeling and every image. It never forgets and to top it off it, replays the past over and over 24-7.

So how do you stop the madness?

A very simple technique called The Healing Codes has the ability to clear negative emotions around any memory in your life. If you could go back in time and rewrite your history, how would you change it? Would you pick the same relationships? How about friendships or even the trouble you got into with those friends. Would you lay low instead of choosing to fight? Would you take better care of your body? It could go on and on.

Is Time Travel Possible?

While it may not be possible to return and revamp your past that way, it is possible to change the current tape that is replaying. By clearing the negative emotions that are under the surface affecting you, an enormous amount of stress can be released. That stress affects every function of your body. It affects your mind, spirit and it affects your relationships.

A simple technique like this is worth a try, wouldn’t you say? You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve written a post on thehealingcodes.com site called ‘How do you see in yourself?’ You may find it helpful to see things a little clearer.

Here are some simple steps to get started.

1. Choose a problem

I want you to think of a few things in your life that you would love to change.  Things that would make the biggest impact if you could just get over them. These could be anything from relationships, health, emotional or even success issues.

2. Write the 3 biggest here.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

3. The most impact

Now pick the highest charged one on your list. The one that would change your life the most if removed. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Write all the emotions you are feeling around this Issue (think anger, fear, anxiety sadness etc) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Finding the memory

Close your eyes and ‘see’ a time earlier in your life when you felt this way. It can be a mix of emotions and the memory doesn’t have to be about the same thing you are going through now. It’s just a similar feeling.

For example, if you are disappointed you aren’t healing fast enough. A similar feeling around not winning the spelling bee at school in 2nd grade comes to mind. That same type of disappointed is present and highly charged.

Write the memory down here. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Next you’ll use The Universal Code from the book The Healing code. What you’ll do is  address the early memory, as well as your current issue and the emotions and beliefs that surround them.

Be ready for anything

Most people see a drastic difference very quickly. I remember when I first started I noticed an immediate improvement in a stiff shoulder issue I had.  I was so excited realizing, that by working on the emotional issues of my heart, other things like this could improve too.

It’s amazing how connected everything is within us. It all comes down to the underlying emotional roots, located deep within our hearts.

If you don’t have the Universal Code please contact me at Melissa@melissazoske.com and I can send it to you. If you’ve been doing The Healing Codes for a while and are stuck, I can help.  I’ll work with you, building a specific  Custom Healing Code, to help get that breakthrough you’re looking for.  Check out my session choices by clicking HERE.

What do early memories you think are affecting your life today?

Please share in the comments below one of your earlier memories that affects your life today, and what you’ve done to work with it.



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