Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Are you listening to yourself?

You are what you think so make it good.

Do you really hear what you are saying at the moment to moment?

Would you say that you treat yourself kindly with your thoughts and words?

 What is Self Talk?

Self-talk Is that internal dialog you have with yourself about yourself. It is ongoing and even throughout the night in our sleep. It reaches the deepest subconscious level. The onslaught of THAT is going on 24/7!

Studies show that up to 90% of our self-talk is negative? A whopping 90% of what we say to ourselves is critical!

Have you heard yourself say things like, “How could I be so stupid?” “I’m no good at that.”  “I should have done that differently.” “It’s all my fault.” And on and on.

 Feelings convert to self-talk as well

Feelings of shame or guilt turn into self-talk in a very powerful way. It’s just another language. But if you asked yourself what words describe that feeling of guilt, you might say, “I did something wrong or bad, so I must be bad.”

Now THAT doesn’t sound like positive self-talk at all.

I’ve written a more in-depth article with tools, to address this on Thehealingcodes.com site, if you would like to read more on this topic read it HERE I think most of us could use some help to improve in this area.

Using a healing code or a custom code built for your negative self-talk can not only impact how you feel about life on a daily basis but it can reduce your over level of stress.

 Out with the old and in with the new

I know all this talk about negative self-talk can sound so, well… negative.  But you can choose to make it fun for yourself.  Many of these words are old programming, so keep in mind it’s not all your fault.

Choosing to change is empowering and as uplifting as you are willing to make it.  So let’s choose to make it FUN!

Pick 1 negative self-talk sentence you say to yourself the most often.

Write it here____________________________________________________________________________

Do your Healing Code on this specifically until it sounds utterly untrue and even ridiculous. This could happen quickly or over a  few days depending on the depth of the feelings involved and how much time you put in.

Next, write down a new positive statement that lifts you up and makes you feel awesome about yourself. Really pump yourself up! Yeah, You! Go for it! You ARE worth it!

Write new statement here___________________________________________________________________

Do your code with the new statement over the next few days.

Now for the fun part. Do you hear those new words cropping up in your mind often during the day?

 Your new cheerleader

You have a new cheerleader in your mind, deeply embedded into not only your conscious mind but the subconscious. How would it feel to have that happening with 100 thoughts every day? Your own personal cheerleader building you up. You would be unstoppable.

Everything would look, feel, even smell differently.  Could the sky be any bluer, or more vibrantly beautiful?

You got this! Give yourself this gift of a new frame of mind. You deserve it!



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