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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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Unforgiveness closes us off from ourselves and others.

It’s a waste of our precious energy. Wouldn’t you rather dedicate that reserve to healing and well being?

I know that sometimes it can be difficult to let situations in your life go. It may feel like you are doing something productive by holding a grudge or resentment.

The exact opposite is true. Learn to let those feeling go and gain true freedom.

Most of us have something in our life that we need to forgive. It could be another person, a situation, ourselves or even God.

The bugger is, when we don’t forgive or hold onto a grudge, we aren’t hurting the other person at all. They probably don’t even know you are feeling the way you do.

unforgiveness poison

So who is that hurting most?


When you are not forgiving, you are placing a more powerful connection between yourself and the very thing that hurt you. It’s like continually rubbing salt in a wound.

You are keeping that anger, hurt and resentment alive and well fed.

If you can find that place within yourself to forgive, you can release yourself from the harm this emotion brings you.

This is the very first of 12 categories you will work on in The Healing Codes. I believe it is the most important because once this wall has been removed, it makes all the others heal a lot quicker.

Think of how you feel when you let something go. That weight is lifted off your chest. You feel lighter and breath easier.

It’s a Soul Cleanse…

I don’t want you to think I’m condoning the injustices that have been done to you. Forgiving doesn’t mean you continue to allow someone to hurt you. Forgiveness is really more about you and raise you up.  It releases you from anger and hate and the need to punish.

The unforgiveness code opens the gates to memories and beliefs that are blocking your heart from healing and it works on neutralizing the most resistant of feelings. It also works even when you don’t think you could ever forgive something or someone. And It shifts your subconscious into an awareness of what is most needed for your spirit.

By placing your intention on healing this category, you will notice a difference in how you are feeling very quickly.

Forgiveness is part of our original blueprint designed by God and needed by every cell of our body to function properly. It nourishes and revives your soul.

Please do yourself a favor, sooner than later, and just forgive. 

YOU will thank yourself!


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