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Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life

Writing & Wisdom

for a soul-centered Life


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I’ve been really thinking a lot about price points because I’ve had several clients and peers ask me about what they should charge for their products, programs or services. And that includes one-to-one coaching or healing sessions, mastermind programs, really whatever you’re offering.


It can be really hard because you want to charge what you’re worth, but you also want to make sure that you’re able to help anyone that wants your services. And that could be a little difficult because a lot of times you may feel that potential clients can only afford lower-priced offers.


It’s a bit sticky…  You want to make sure that you’re affordable, but you also want to make sure that you’re earning the right amount of money so that you can continue your own personal and business growth as well as learning new things to help others.  Maybe you’d like to go to different conferences and training around the world.  Well, you must have money to be able to do any of that. So, the bottom line in order for you to be of the highest value to your clients, you need to make money.


Watch the video to get the full talk.



Your Root Chakra Can Kill Your Premium Price Potential


Did you know that the Root Chakra is connected to how you price offerings and other business areas? It can really get in the way of you earning your fullest potential and scare you off for actually charging premium prices for your programs and services. A lot of times we think of these energy systems and all the Chakra systems as being more of the spiritual side of life, but I want to remind you that every one of your Chakras is related to everything in your body, mind, and spirit.


So, it’s related to your finances, it’s related to your program, it’s related to your health, your relationships, all of it. So, I want you to really pay attention to that. I wanted to talk about the Root Chakra today because it’s really important to have that balance and to activate it in order for you to really hook up and grab a hold of what your energetic price point should be, especially if you’re just starting out or you’re up-leveling your business to the next income goal.


It could be that you already have a program and you’ve been charging the same amount forever and you’re super ready to go to that next level, but something keeps holding you back. Well, I would say start at your Root, look at your Root Chakra and how you’re grounded and what kind of energy you are getting from that area. If it’s not balanced, you could be getting a lot of mixed signals.


I went from $47 to $220 a session!


So, this is something that I’ve struggled with myself. I used to charge $47 for an hour and I even gave a ton of my sessions away for free. And the biggest thing I found out was those people didn’t have enough skin in the game and they really didn’t do the work. Every now and then I’d have somebody that would, but for the most part, those people that I gave my services away to or at a very low price were very disappointing. I would talk to them two weeks later and they hadn’t done anything that I suggested. They didn’t do the energy mp3s that I created for them. They didn’t do the homework for their business and it became very frustrating for me.


I want to see my clients succeed!


Now, I’m not saying there wasn’t the occasional person that would follow through, but I’m saying probably 90% of the time those people didn’t give it value because I didn’t give it value. So, until I figured out that one of the Chakras was contributing to this, I stayed in that frustrating pattern and didn’t gain any traction.


I wasn’t feeling grounded. I was kind of all up in the air all over the place. So that makes sense that my business was failing… When you feel grounded and solid and you have a good foundation, your services and programs and products have a true value feeling. And with that, you will charge a premium price.


Feeling guilty? Do this!


If you sometimes feel guilty raising your prices then there is a way to offset that and be super generous and helpful to your tribe. That is to make sure that you have a lot of free content, a lot of free opt-ins, PDFs, mp3s and things that you can help those people that truly can’t afford to pay for your services you’ll feel so much better!  If you put enough free content out there, not only does it help you build your list, but it really helps others to help themselves. And if they really are dedicated, they will use that free content and actually help themselves release and balance their energy, their business, their health, relationships and whatever it is that you are trying to help them with.


For an example of free content, visit my resource page ________________ and download whatever resonates with you to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. I hope it helps and I can’t wait to see you claim your worth!


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